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In 2023, we’re excited to launch our Inner Circle to allow employer voices to be heard.  With employers thirsty for innovation, better employee experiences and cost control, it’s critical that your insight reaches industry disrupters at the start of their growth journey, not the end.   

We invite you to join our Inner Circle of Employers where you'll have a front row seat to digital health innovation throughout the year.  We hope you join our mission.

- Sharon Bryan, Partner 

Inner Circle for Employers

Our Mantra


Give Total Rewards Leaders a non-sales environment to view exciting new solutions and provide candid feedback that can ultimately affect positive change in employee benefit innovation and improve end user experiences.


What to expect:


  • Industry insights

  • Surveys

  • First look at exciting new employee benefit and digital health offerings

  • Invitations to participate in soft product launches

  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals

  • Informed Consultants available for 3rd party insight

*Inner Circle member contact information remains confidential unless otherwise requested.

Subscribe to our Inner Circle



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