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Cultivating growth in a competitive market.

We use our benefits ecosystem and sales strategy expertise to ensure your company's best days are ahead.

Why work with Informed Consulting?

As benefits industry thought leaders work to develop new go-to-market strategies or prepare to launch innovative benefits solutions, there's often a lot of strategic second-guessing that takes place. But why?

Well, the benefits ecosystem is as deep as it is wide – with new players seemingly entering every month.

And what seem to be ironclad growth plans often miss the mark and do not yield the desired results. Understanding the ecosystem's nuance can uncover the opportunities that propel or accelerate growth.

Our consultants have spent their careers navigating and selling within this dynamic ecosystem.

We use our experience, a well-defined market research process, and relationships to identify and cultivate strategies that will allow you to stand out in a competitive market and efficiently reach your revenue potential.

Informed strategies that deliver.

Stop the guesswork and find the strategies that will make a difference.

Whether you're looking to launch a benefits marketplace or trying to determine new sales channels for your emerging benefits solution, our process starts in the same place – with a strategic market analysis.


Market Analysis

The assessment, led by our expert consultants, takes a blended qualitative and quantitative approach to appropriately evaluate the viability of your current or proposed strategic direction.

Strategic Insights & Recommendations

​Once the assessment is conducted, we provide guidance on:


  • The most effective go-to-market strategies

  • Solution design and development opportunities

  • Positioning and marketing alignment

  • How we can drive benefits ecosystem introductions and complement current efforts


Complement Growth Efforts

While some clients only need a strategic evaluation and go-to-market direction, we do provide end-to-end services to help implement our GTM recommendations – including sales execution.


Our performance-based model aligns with your growth objectives whille minimizing your operational risks and costs.


With the depth and breadth of our benefits ecosystem relationships and sales experience, we can efficiently help your solution find the traction needed to achieve your growth objectives.

Not all opportunities are created equal.

As the benefits ecosystem evolves, our consultants remain the most knowledgeable in the industry.


We use the most up-to-date benefits industry data and market insights to determine which benefits ecosystem strategies and partners are the best fit for you.

Learn more about the companies we're helping.

Our key partner relationships turn into your big wins. 

  • Human Capital Management Firms

  • Payroll Companies

  • Professional Employer Organizations

  • Unions & Associations

  • Third-Party Administrators

  • Benefit Administration Companies

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Employers

Need help with your go-to-market strategy or benefits solution?

Jeff Oldham

Sharon Bryan

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