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Curai Wants to Change Healthcare Using AI & Machine Learning

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Wondering what my primary reason was for starting Informed Consulting? There are so many good reasons, but my favorite is that I'm able to partner with early stage digital health companies and work directly with passionate CEOs. What I find with CEOs in this space, is that they each have very personal reasons for wanting to solve a unique problem in healthcare and with that comes an incredible amount of ambition.   

In my first conversation with Neal Khosla, the CEO of Curai, I asked "What is Curai looking to solve for?", his response was powerful: "democratizing healthcare to ensure that everyone in the world can have 24/7 Primary Care Physician access at a price that anyone in the world can afford".

Neal views PCP as a fundamental right for all citizens to have. And while there are social systems of healthcare in other countries, the math of current and future physicians vs citizens in these countries isn't adding up. There will come a time in which the demand of both brick and mortar care and/or telehealth will exceed the supply. 

As a result, Curai believes, similar to other industries, the way to scale and address the demand is utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage the more fundamental elements, while using a PCP to make the final determination of care.

I hope you enjoy Stephanie's terrific interview with Neal, where you get to learn more about Curai and Neal's ambitious goals to make a dent in the universe of healthcare. 

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