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ThinkX Helps People Level Up By Measuring & Optimizing Subconscious Thinking

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

I've been a fan of Chris McSwain, the CEO of ThinkXGo, for a long time.  In 2004, I first met Chris when he was at SCANA, an energy company in Columbia SC.  I had read an article about Chris where he had developed an onsite pharmacy, life assistance and wellness center for his SCANA employees called "LiveWell". Chris essentially created his own PBM, purchasing medications, dispensing and delivering 50%+ via inter-office 2004.  I was blown away by the caring nature he had to help his employees along with the creativity, convenience and massive reduction in costs. Chris wanted to go above and beyond to help his employees stay compliant with their medication (when it comes to chronic conditions, what hurts a lot of folks is their inability to stay compliant with meds, typically because of social determinants - cost, location/access) From there, Chris went to Whirlpool and did some incredible things...and then found himself working for a small company in Bentonville, Arkansas named "WalMart"...what an incredible corporate journey! At ThinkXGo, Chris and team are using 20 years of scientific data to assist employees in measuring and improving our subconscious thinking via neuroplasticity.  If you are thinking "what is that"?  Well, for many of us, we reach ceilings or plateaus in our professional and personal life.  And unbeknownst to many of us, these plateaus are deep rooted (perhaps dating back to childhood) challenges that prevent us from moving beyond these hurdles.  ThinkXGo provides an assessment to identify these factors, coaching to help employees overcome these challenges, and unlock personal and professional results.  It's an incredible product that will change the world of employee benefits. I hope you enjoy Stephanie's conversation with Chris.  

You can learn more about ThinkX on their website:

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