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Zogo Uses Gamification & Incentives to Educate Gen Z & Millennials About Employee Benefits & More

I had the chance of meeting Bolun 3 years ago, as a sophomore economics student at Duke. Granted when I was a sophomore undergrad, I was focused on things like not taking any courses before 10am and figuring out how to get out of numerous campus parking tickets. Bolun was a much different sophomore than I was... 

Bolun had started Zogo Finance app, and was focused on engaging and teaching Gen Z and Millennials about personal finance. However, having sat through numerous lame lectures, beginning in high school, about the topic, he found that educators were not teaching an important topic in a way which would resonate with his generation. 

So, Bolun worked with friends of his at Duke to create an App (you can download Zogo in Apple or Google app stores) which utilized imbedded incentives, behavioral economics and gamification. 

Fast forward to today, Zogo recently released a new version of the App. 70k organic users have completed 1M finance modules and average 10 minutes per usage (higher than Facebook and Instagram). Incredible results! Zogo is working with Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Carriers, Employers and Consumers. 

Now Bolun is taking these learnings and applying them to Employee Benefits education - providing employers with similar tools to help educate their employees about their benefits using gamification, incentives and behavioral economics. It’s a topic that has frustrated HR/Benefit professionals for years -  “how to ensure employees are aware of the economic and intrinsic value of employer sponsored benefits”?

Applying what he has learned about finance, I look forward to seeing what Bolun will achieve in teaching the workplace about benefits. 

Hope you enjoy his interview!

Learn more about Zogo Finance:

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